So, let’s talk about how we can successfully do a Foscam Setup by following some easy steps. I will show you how you can set up your Foscam camera by following the QR Code Method. To access the QR code, you will need the Foscam App on your smartphone, and then you can easily configure your camera.

Foscam Setup

This process will need to enter the WIFI details into the Foscam app, and then a picture of the barcode will appear on your smartphone. Then you have to point your phone screen at the camera, and then the camera can automatically configure itself with the login information for the WIFI network.

Before going through Foscam Setup

  • Download the Foscam app from your Google play store or Apple store and then install it
  • Or you can click below links to have Foscam directly on your PC
  • Turn on the camera and verify if it’s set to the factory settings
  • If you are unable to verify the process, please perform a hard reset on the device. You need to press and hold the reset button down for 12-15 seconds. After succeeding, perform the movement test and tilt the camera.
  • Connect your smartphone to the Wifi network and also you need to verify if the WIFI network is operating on the 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Check if the smartphone and camera are within 3 meters (10 feet) of the WIFI router
  • Don’t power off camera while setting it up
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A complete guide for Foscam Setup

If you have already not done what I have said in the previous section, please go back and do that now. Standby the camera until it announces “Hello Foscam” and “Ready for WIFI Configuration.”

  • Launch the app on your phone then login to your account and click on the + button to add the camera

Foscam vms

  • Next, scan the QR code of the camera using your smartphone camera. You can find the QR code sticker on the bottom or side of the camera

reset Foscam

  • Select wifi connection from the app and then select Ready

foscam mac plugin

  • Enter the password of the wifi router and then click to generate the QR code
  • Standby the Foscam app to generate the QR code. After the process is complete, the app will let you know that the code has been generated and you can see it on your smartphone

Foscam firmware download

  • Set the screen of your smartphone towards the camera lens so the camera can connect information to configure itself.
  • After it is done with the configuration, it will announce “WiFi connection.” Then you can reposition away your smartphone from the camera lens. Wait for the camera to announce “Congratulations! Successfully added.”Foscam Setup

Was the Foscam Setup Successful?

This guide must help you to set up your Foscam camera successfully. In case you still need any help with Foscam Setup, please tell us in the comment section below.

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