Adobe flash is the extension that lets you run audio, video, or helps you to play the game in chrome smoothly. But whenever any technical issue hits the one, you face the Flash Not Working In Chrome issue. And we all know that it’s very annoying. So, no sin in getting worried when you can’t find any solution to get back your flash in the working mode again.

Flash Not Working In Chrome

However, it’s time to put a stop to this age-old issue. As here are the most effective solutions at your fingertips. You just need to scroll down to be a tech wiz and fix your flash at your own.

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Reasons Lead To- Flash Not Working In Chrome

Several causes are there to block the performance of your flash in Chrome. Any technical dispute can occur- like Chrome issue, or the problem in the extension. Sometimes, small negligible issues like unstable connection can lead to this major one. Anyway, you don’t have to worry at all. We will help you to identify the exact reason and discard it. Let’s move to the important part,

Unstable Connection
A poor or unstable network connection can be the main culprit behind this issue. Many of us search here and there for troubleshooting steps but forget to check the little things. Anyway, whenever you face this Flash Not Working In Chrome issue make sure to check the internet connection beforehand. Fix your router or any other source which you are using and remove this problem. If that doesn’t fix the issue you must go for the below troubleshooting steps.

Check If Flash is Disabled

If your flash is disabled then there are so many chances of facing this error. Hence, you need to enable your flash to fix it. and to do so follow the below steps.
Firstly, open the Chrome browser and paste chrome://settings/content/flash in the URL bar and hit the enter button

  • Then you will get the option, “Allow Sites To Run Flash”; enable it
  • Next, you will get the “Ask First” option- disable it and reload the website
  • If flash is working your problem is solved. Go back to Flash settings and enable the Ask First option
  • Finally, Allow the website to access Flash Player

Still, the issue persists? Try another fix,

Check the Blocklist

Next, you need to check the block list of your website. If your website is added to block list from accessing flash then it can cause the Flash Not Working in Chrome error. so, you need to remove it from the block list to solve the same. Follow the below steps to do so,

  • At first, you need to open the flash settings in your Chrome browser
  • Then go to the Block list, check if the website, where you’re trying to run flash, isn’t added. If it’s added, remove it from the list
  • Now, reload the web page and it should ask you to access Flash player

Hopefully, your issue will be sorted now. If not then try the next step,

Update Flash Player In Chrome
Sometimes, the outdated version of your browser can cause the issue. So, it’s a mandated thing to check if your browser is updated or not. In case of an outdated version of Chrome, update it as soon as possible.

These were the basic yet most effective fixes. Try all of these firstly. If there is no major reason your flash will be fixed. Else you need to take an expert’s help. You can comment here for our help and for other queries. We will get back to you in no time.

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