The Complete Fitbit Set Up Guide

Still struggling to track your physical activity on a daily basis? Have you heard about these gadgets Fitbit? Want to know more about this physical activity tracker? Or probably you already have one but yet want to know how to set it up and get started with the device. Before we dive deep into the Fitbit set up, let us get more idea about this device.

Fitbit setup

What is a Fitbit?-Fitbit Set Up Help

Fitbit is a company that has their own brand’s physical fitness and device products. They have various models of the same product with a range of features that you must try each and every one of them. Of course, but every device’s main motto is to track your day to day physical activity and keep you updated with it?

Some Fitbit can be slipped into your cloth, and some can be worn like a watch that will completely track your activity every minute. You can also avail a scale that will communicate wirelessly with your Fitbit tracking device. This device has to be paired with your smartphone or Fitbit set up with your smartphone (Android or iOS) and can be used with it.

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How does Fitbit Setup work?

It is difficult to track your daily work out, physical activities, and the routine diet on a regular basis. But with the help of Fitbit tracking these important physical aspects have become too easy. It is specially designed to become fresher, active and to eat a healthy diet with proper sleep. It tracks everything. This helps you to become a healthy and a fit human being.

You will find the device extremely simple and in a compact size to use. All you have to do is pin it into your clothes, and it keeps tracking every single thing from the time you sleep in every activity you do. The device takes care of everything, every routine including the steps your feet take, travelled amount of distance along with the calories burnt. It also detects every move your body makes, right from the sleep to the slow walks.

If you sleep with the wristband on, the device can easily know the time you go to bed, the time you wake up, the stretches you take, when you lie prostrate and tracing every unmet deadline you miss out on your daily activity.

Fitbit Setup Step-By-Step Solution

  • You need to check if the device has battery left. In case if it doesn’t have enough battery, you need to plug in to charge the device. The package will have every instruction to follow. You need to follow the Fitbit setup that they have mentioned in their manual.
  • Once you find the device has charged to a certain extent, you now have to download the Fitbit app on your smartphone. The Fitbit app can be availed for Android and iOS versions.
  • You will see that the app is available for Windows as well. Fitbits can simply download the Fitbit connect which will work on both Windows and Mac computer systems.
  • Once you are done with the device, you will have to sign up and pair the device and log in, and you have to create an account. Now you will have to select the activity and select the Fitbit setup activity that you want to be tracked on an everyday basis.

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Last Not Least- Fitbit Set Up Help

Fitbit is the most popular health-tracking activity device that you can use on a day to day basis. It helps in tracing various health activities. Once you are set with everything, you have to set some goals as per your routine. Fitbit Setup actually works and keeps your healthy and fit all day.

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