Firestick Remote Not Working

Is your Firestick remote not working? It is a common issue that many of the Amazon Firestick users face with the Firestick remote. If you are facing the same problems with your device here guide on troubleshooting Firestick Remote Not Working will be going to help you with.

Firestick Remote Not Working

Firesticks stand out in the market since its early days. It is easy to connect and has a convenient user interface. Those are the qualities that help Firesticks to gain the traction across the globe. But like the others, these devices are indifferent to problems. You might have to face errors and glitches with the fire tv stick. Most importantly, issues with the Firestick remote are not something rare. Before going into any solution let’s take a look at the things that cause your Firestick Remote not working.

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Reasons Behind Firestick Remote Not Working

  • Problem With the Remote Battery
  • Remote infrared not working
  • An improper connection between the remote and the device
  • Your Firestick remote is broken or malfunctioning
  • The TV Stick receptor has some issue

So these are some of the basic reason behind the problem you are facing. Now let’s go with the solution now.

Firestick Remote Control Troubleshooting

Firestick Remote Not Working

Problem With the Remote Battery

Batteries are the only source of power in the remote. So if your remote does not receive the needed power from the batteries it will not work. Take a look at the following things.

Check if the battery is dead. Try to remove the battery and insert a new one.

Have you just inserted a new battery? Then ensure you have inserted that properly. Make sure you have pulled out the insulating tape from the battery.

Remote Infrared Not Working

The home remote controls are made up of the infrared light technology. It is invisible to the human eye but easily visible through the camera lens. There can be some problems with the infrared itself and that can be the sole reason behind your Firestick remote not working.

Remote can’t establish a proper connection with the Fire TV Stick

Are you sitting too far from your TV and trying to access it through the remote? Then I must tell you the operating range for the remote control is approximately 6m. So you will not be able to access the Fire TV Stick from a distance more that.

Seating next to your TV Stick still can’t access that? Make sure there is no obstruction between your remote and the device itself. If there is something between the remote and the TV receptor you might have to face this issue.

The End-Note

Anyway, folks. That’s all from my side. All of us know how to use Fire Stick remote control but at times there can be some simple things that we forget to look into. We will help you out to troubleshoot your Firestick remote. If you bumped into any major issue you should always take help from the experts. You can let us know the issue through the comment box here.

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