err_spdy_protocol error

Some system errors are very particular compared to others. And these specific errors generally affect internet browsers only, leaving others behind. One of the errors that are found err_spdy_protocol_error chrome. What do we even do without chrome? If you are facing such error on your Google Chrome browser, then you need to identify the exact trouble and then the right solution for it.

Yes, there are solutions to this error, it’s quite simple and easy to apply on the error. Before we dive into the solutions, let us know the root causes of err_spdy_protocol_error, as it would be more helpful in resolving them.

err_spdy_protocol error


This is a Google Chrome error. If you are using any other Internet browser, then you don’t have to worry about this error. This error only affects who has Google Chrome as their default browser. Of course, it doesn’t affect all the websites that you use. Just some specific ones that users often visit such as Blogger, Gmail, and YouTube or other related websites.

But yet, there are some reports says that these errors affect that websites that are not related to Google such as Wikipedia or Tumblr.

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There are many reasons that will make your Google Chrome browser encounter the issue, but the two most common errors are:


  • Outdated or Old Chrome Browser

It is necessary to update your default browsers. Outdated Google Chrome browser can be prey to hackers, malware, and viruses. Research says that the majority of the outdated applications and software are hacked by hackers, as they are an easy target for any malware. Hence, if you get ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR while viewing the websites, then you ought to check your browser.

  • Antivirus or a Firewall Blocking

You need to have an anti-virus according to protect the device from malware and other malicious activities. Anti-virus tools actually make the device slow. These anti-virus and firewall blocking will help you to get your programs run smooth and soft.

If the firewall or anti-virus finds any of the program lagging or with some threats, it will automatically block its operation. Hence, you need to keep an eye on this anti-virus and firewall, to stop the reflection of ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR chrome.

fix Err_Spdy_Protocol_Error


You have found the root cause of this particular Google chrome error. It’s time to fix it up. The error is actually not a huge problem, hence you don’t have to worry about it. Just try applying the below-mentioned methods.

  1. Restart the Browser

If you ever come across this protocol error, just try restarting the Google Chrome browser. Once you restart it, try using some website especially related to Google. This can fix up the error easily.

  1. Update Your Google Chrome Browser

If you still can’t fix the above error, you need to update your Google chrome. More than 70% of the Google chrome errors can be fixed by updating the Google chrome. You enter the Google Chrome, you will find three dots in the right-hand corner in the settings. Later, you will find an “About” window- you will find if your chrome is of latest version or not.

  1. Try Going Incognito Mode

Most of the times, users get this protocol error only on specific websites. You will have to try opening the same error sites in an incognito mode. If that site opens in an incognito mode, then it means it has no caches or bad cookies. Hence, you have to clear all your chrome caches and try viewing it again.

No More Chrome Error!

Now it’s absolutely easy to fix up the Google chrome error. Yet, there are many more methods that you can try with your ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR and solve the issue with no hassle. Comment in the box below to interact.

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