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Err Connection Reset- 100% Working

The err_connection_reset error is one of the most common glitch that happens in Google Chrome browser. As irritating as this error can be, you can also fix it by following some simple steps. I will guide you through the step-by-step process that will help you get rid of this error message in your Google Chrome browser.

Err Connection Reset

How to Fix Err_Connection_Reset Error Message in Google Chrome

Due to four simple reasons, this error can cause:

    1. Your internet connection is improper.
    2. ISP of your country blocks specific sites.
    3. Antivirus firewall blocks specific websites.
    4. Old windows registry entries.

You need to identify the right cause for this Err_Connection_Reset issue then use the appropriate solution method. Check out some solutions I have given below.

Check Proxy Setting from Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is using the sock/proxy settings of your computer by default. Unlike Mozilla Firefox, Chrome does not have its own built-in sock/proxy settings. If you had used any proxy before and had forgotten to turn it off then that can cause this problem.

    1. To resolve it, go to Control Panel and click Internet Options.
    2. Then click Connections and select the LAN settings.
    3. Unchecked the options and click on OK button.
    4. Then check if you are able to browse to the website you were having the Err Connection Reset problem.
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Reset Your Device’s IP Adress

According to some users who also have encountered the same problem as yours, applied this method and they were helpful. To apply this easy solution method, follow the instructions below:

    1. Press the Start button
    2. Type cmd.exe and then press Enter
    3. The Command Prompt box will now open
    4. Now click on Run as Administrator
    5. Next, type netsh winsock reset catalog and hit the Enter button once again
    6. Next, restart your computer

the connection was reset all browsers

If you are still encountering the error message even after going through this method, please apply the next solution process.

Disable Your Antivirus or Windows Firewall

Sometimes the built-in Windows firewall or your antivirus program blocks your internet connection and you encounter the Err_Connection_Reset error message. But uninstalling antivirus program is not a good idea as there is a risk of being attacked by viruses or malicious threats.

However, you can disable your antivirus software or the firewall for temporary to test if the error is causing by this or not. If your firewall or antivirus has created this error, find out why it blocks your connection. Then you can unblock them. You can also add your internet connection to your whitelist to avoid interruption in the future.

Clean Old Windows Registry Entries

Old and error Windows registry entries can be the reason of this connection reset error. You should clean your Windows registry with a decent cleaner.

By following these methods, you can easily resolve the Err_Connection_Reset problem in your Google Chrome. But always check your internet connection before proceeding with this guide. Sometimes your internet connection provider stops the connection due to any error or payment factor.

Also, try to visit the same website from a different browser. If you are able to open the same webpage, please reinstall your Google Chrome. If you have any questions regarding the Err_Connection_Reset error, please let us know in the comment box below.

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