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The new twist in the extortion process has turned the table for many Racketeers. They have found a clever way to trick you by manipulating your sensitive personal info. And these scammers make their con far more believable by sending you several threats. You may receive an email asking for bitcoin ransom with threats like if you don’t give the ransomware they will make your private info public and many more.

Email Asking For Bitcoin

However, don’t get scared by receiving such emails. Because all these bogus emails have been sent to you just to extort money from you. They don’t really have anything except the old password of your email account that has been leaked somehow from the old database. The tech demons can use this old password to frighten you.

Anyway, it’s time to stand out against all these scams and put a stop to it. You need to know everything about the email asking for bitcoin ransom to confront the hackers. Now, scroll more to know all the must-have information related to this scam.

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What Is Email Asking For Bitcoin Scam Alert?

This crypto Blackmail is any sort of threat accompanied by a demand you pay money to a cryptocurrency address. Like traditional blackmail, it’s just a “pay up or we’ll do something bad to you” threat. The difference is that it demands payment in cryptocurrency- commonly known as bitcoin.

These emails have so many forms to trick you in the most convenient way. Have a look at the different forms of this Blackmail.

    • Emails saying “I’ve got an order to kill you,” followed by a demand to pay $2800 in Bitcoin to call off the assassination.

    • Physical mail saying “I know you cheated on your wife,” and demanding the equivalent of $2000 in Bitcoin sent to an included Bitcoin address.

    • An email including a password to one of your online accounts along with a threat and a demand for $1200 to make the problem go away. The attacker just found your password in one of the many leaked password databases and hasn’t compromised your computer.

  • Emails claiming an attacker has placed malware on your computer and recorded you watching pornography along with a video feed from your web camera. The attacker also claims to have copied your contacts and threatens to send the video to them unless you pay $1900 in Bitcoin.

The hackers don’t have the info that they claim to have about you. So, no need to believe them at all. Unfortunately, these scammers had victory in some cases. They were able to snatch money form some people who have trusted them.

What The Hackers Are Up to?

All of these bogus blackmail scam emails demand payment in Bitcoin. They claim that they have hacked your PC and made some recording while you were visiting an X-rated website. And they are going to spread this among all of your contacts, social media, email contacts, and others related platform. The online criminals want the ransomware in bitcoin only.  

bitcoin ransom email

Now, you know about all the tantrums of these hackers. It’s time to know how to react to these scams- an email asking for bitcoins.

Despite the claims in the scam message, the email is not specifically targeted at you.  Instead, the scammers send out many thousands of identical emails in the hope that at least a few recipients will be panicked into sending the requested payment.

How To React To Email Asking For Bitcoin Issue?

We will advise you not to negotiate or pay these cybercriminals. Don’t even respond to this kind of emails. You need to know that all of these emails don’t target you personally. Random people receive this and get scared.

You should report these threats instead of falling for these spam emails. It’s easy to track those criminals and put them behind the bar for the cyber experts to handle.

However, you can follow few steps stated below, to keep yourself safe.

    • Ignore the Scammers
    • Don’t Re-Use Passwords
    • Change Your Passwords
    • Get a Password Manager
    • Enable Two-Factor Authentication
    • Secure Your Computer
  • Disable Your Webcam

Well, that’s it from our expert’s guidance. If you feel trapped or get yourself in the helpless situation then our team is here to protect you. You just need to get in touch with our squad to get help. Share your opinion regarding this article in the comment box below. Follow my other articles and solve your issues.

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