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You might have heard about the Domain Name servers if you are working on the internet. Domain name servers are also popularly known as DNS servers. Without DNS servers we cannot actually use the internet. Domain name servers are the building blocks of the internet that helps in accessing the internet.

Without the internet service, we might not even be able to do our daily tasks in the digital era. There are many DNS servers that actually help us with the internet. Our internet service providers or the ISP service providers help us with various DNS servers which is a default server. These servers can be used on a various occasion with some benefit to it.

What are DNS servers? How do they help?

DNS server is a system or a computer server that consists of a various database and the information of public IP addresses and their own related domain names. Sometimes, these servers solve the issues and are translated to those names which are ideal and compatible for the IP addresses to detect and serve on it.

These DNS servers that we use, has special and an essential software or a tool that acts as a communicating medium with each other with the help of special protocols too. Well, in easy terms- A DNS server is the device that can be found on the internet which translates the website address into the IP address format so that it becomes easy and convenient for the internet and the system to understand and trace out the site quite easily.

dns servers

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What Are the Benefits of Using DNS Servers?

There are various benefits that help you with when you are using the DNS servers for your computer system and to access the internet.

  • There are different Google DNS servers that help you to unblock the region blocked a website or the content.
  • One of the most popular benefits is that you will get more speed as compared to other servers if you use various DNS servers for a single system. Of course, your location matters, if you are at the right and the network coverage area then you are more likely to acquire more speed than that of other servers.
  • On DNS servers you are absolutely safe and secure. Various and different DNS servers keep your internet browsing and search history safe, while your ISP cannot log into every minute. Your data is safe with the DNS servers.
  • Third-party DNS servers actually guard you against virus, hackers and the malware attacks that are quite popular fear on the internet. Using various DNS servers will certainly protect you and your internet data from various phishing and ransomware attacks.

There are various fastest DNS servers that you should know. Both and free and public servers are listed below.

What Are the Fastest DNS Servers Available?

There are some best and the fast DNS servers that you can actually use on your internet to carry out all your important tasks and be safe every time you log on.

  1. Cloud Flare DNS- DNS Server

You might have come across the name Cloudflare that is the most popular DNS server provider company. The company works on web performance and the domain security service. The company has various DNS servers that will actually help you to be safe and secure on the internet. You can simply try their different DNS servers and use it on the internet.

  1. Google Public DNS Server

Google Public DNS is another popular company that serves the best speed and security to the people all over the globe. Google Public DNS was launched in the year 2009. Don’t actually have to explain about Google. It is one of the popular and the reliable company that actually helps us in 99.99% of the daily tasks being online.

  1. Open DNS Server

CISCO is the company that provides the Open DNS service to the people worldwide. It is one of the giant company in the networking market. The server provides you with various tools that you can simply use to access the internet in both fast and in a safe way. It traces and detects the issues in the website and the server that you are accessing.

dns servers fix

Using Various DNS Servers Can Help!

As mentioned earlier, you can simply use the different DNS servers that are provided by various and top-notch companies in the networking space. Just use the right server and stay safe.

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