Fix dns servers not responding error

What if you are not able to access the websites that you need for your task or an assignment? Seriously, this kind of critical life problems cannot be tolerated. You check the network, but it seems all good. You are trying the troubleshooting issues on your Windows operating system, but nothing works. You may encounter the error DNS server not responding. This sort of error is actually a common one, as most of us face it on our computer screen.

Fix dns servers not responding error

When you are connecting the home network to a particular device or a hot spot for the internet access, you might see that the internet connection is consistently failing and showing an error of DNS server not responding. You need to know that these DNS server errors may occur due to various reasons and not just because of the connectivity or the network that you are using.

Before we get into the solutions to the error, let us get a brief idea over the root causes of the DNS server issues and the reason you cannot access the website or the internet when you are facing the issue.

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 DNS Server Not Responding | Access Denied

DNS server is known as the Domain Name System. This server actually helps in translating the web address in the form of IP address which leads your browser to connect to it. Hence, when these translation fails to connect, it causes the server error and you might lose access to the websites that you actually want to view.

Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error

To fix the DNS server issues, you can try the below-mentioned solutions, and you can merely get back to your desired websites instantly.

  1. Manual DNS Set Up

This solution is the foremost and the recommended one by the high-tech around the globe. Probably the DNS server is facing the downtime issues, yet it may be temporary. Hence, you can use another DNS server to access the website that you want to.

There are various DNS server providers and you can choose as per your preference. Once you have found the DNS server to set up, you can simply set it up manually to your connection. You can refer to guides that provide instructions to set up DNS server manually.

  1. Uninstall & Re-install the Network Drivers

This is another preferred solution that is practiced by most of the users who face DNS server errors. You can try uninstalling or re-installing the network drivers. Uninstalling and re-installing the network drivers have solved the issues for most people as per research.

Just look for the device manager, launch it and opt for Network adapters within the device manager window. Later, right click on the current Network that you are using at the moment and choose to uninstall the device. Once done, tap for scan hardware changes in the adapter option.

  1. DNS Cache

This solution is actually suitable and compatible with most of the errors in both smartphones and computer systems. You have to run the command prompt as administrator and you have to type some commands such as:

  • Ipconfig/ flushdns
  • Ipconfig/ registerdns
  • Ipconfig/ release
  • Ipconfig/ renew

These commands will help you to clear all the cache of DNS server. Now you can try loading the websites again.

dns server not responding error fix

DNS Server Issues: Solved

You just have to try the mentioned methods to solve the DNS server not responding error. This way you can use the website and the internet just like before.

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