dns probe finished no internet

Google Chrome has got various errors. These errors disturb the internet or are caused due to the internet or the DNS servers. This kind of internet errors or the Google Chrome browser errors does disturb the task and the work that we are performing with the help of the browser and the internet.

One such error that occurs in Google Chrome is DNS probe finished no internet error. It is a common error that every being encounter when working on the internet or any browser.

dns probe finished no internet

This error generally occurs when there is an issue or defect with the default DNS server that you have set up in your internet connectivity. The error itself implies the exact root cause of the error. You can fix the default DNS server with other public or third-party DNS servers that will help you to fix the error easily. Try changing the default DNS servers that you already have it or that you have fixed it with your computer system or the internet connectivity.

Not always, but sometimes this kind of errors might be caused due to some other issue too. Hence, it is not actually possible to change the DNS server and switch to other public or third-party DNS servers to resolve the issue. Hence, there are various other methods that you can simply use to fix the error without any further hassle.

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How to fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error Chrome?

You can simply use these methods or the solutions to fix the problem, or the DNS probe finished no internet error. Of course, before applying these methods, you need to be very sure about the internet connection that you have steady internet connectivity connected to your computer system.

  1. Change the Default DNS Server

Yes, as mentioned earlier, you can simply try getting back your internet and your Google Chrome browser. You can simply replace the default DNS server that was provided to you by the internet provider. There are many public or third-party DNS servers available, such as Google DNS server, open DNS, etc. Many top network companies are providing with the best network connectivity for the best experience. Try them.

  1. Clean Up the Caches

Sometimes unwanted cookies or caches can mess with DNS probe finished no internet error. Whenever your smartphone memory is full, you can make space by just clearing the memory or the cache and cookies. Same has to be applied in case of this browser or internet errors. You can clean up all the caches and cookies of your browsers that are interrupting the network connection. Also, the communication between the internet and the web page that you are trying to access.

  1. Command Prompt

Using the command prompt is another common method or a solution that is used to fix the DNS error. If the above-mentioned methods don’t work, then you can simply work out this method to fix the DNS server error in your Google Chrome browser. You just have to enter a few commands, and there your server and the network connection will be resolved and fixed.

  1. Router Configuration

Check with your internet provider if the internet connection is stable. You can also check and verify the router and the modem settings. If your router has been not properly configured then this kind of errors may occur. Try resetting your router; this might resolve the error. You can also reboot the router or just simply visit the router login page to check other possible or similar issues.

dns servers

DNS Errors Can Now Be Resolved!

Now you can simply resolve these DNS errors without any possible errors. You just have to make sure that your internet connection is steady and has no problem with the internet provider’s end. If you are still not sure of the Google Chrome browser error then you can just call upon your internet service provider and get the DNS probe finished no internet error resolved immediately.

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