Discord is the most popular and widely used VoIP type of audio and video live streaming and sharing application. By using discord screen share audio service, you are about to communicate with your fellow gamer friends and become the winning team before the actual gameplay ends. Recently, many users have reported facing errors that have bought in lags while trying to share their computer or laptop screen on a live video call with other Discord application users. Keep reading to learn more about what causes random errors in Discord and the possible ways to fix them instantly as well.

What causes the Discord screen share audio not respond properly?

Every other computer system is built using different configurations. The real reason to experience no audio while screen sharing through Discord application might vary from one computer system or laptop to another. The following is a list of reasons that you need to go through at first to understand what creates the errors and bugs while screen sharing and video calling your friend through Discord.

An existing problem with your installed audio drivers:

Discord, being a sound-based application, makes use of the installed audio drivers from your computer system to live stream audio. Troubleshooting the audio drivers can easily fix the discord screen share no audio problem.

Requires administrative permission to create seamless screen share discord audio:

The screen share feature that has been recently included in Discord lets you share your connected laptop or computer screen remotely with other Discord users. To seamlessly share your screen, and to avoid any kind happening to the audio quality, you must provide much-needed administrative permission to Discord application. 

Possible ways to fix Discord screen share audio issues – Explained in simple steps

Screen share Discord errors quick fixes

The following is a set of solutions that can get rid of any kind of audio, video or text sharing errors that have been affecting your user experience with Discord application. Make sure to try the solutions that are listed below one after another, until you find the right solution that avoids any kind of Discord Screen Share Audio problem from happening in the future as well.

Restarting your computer

Some of the software programs that have been running on the background of your computer system might cause sound problems with Discord application. 

  1. Press the Alt button from the personal computer connected keyboard along with the F4 button to load up the ‘Windows Shut Down’ Menu.Discord Screen Share Audio
  2. Select ‘Restart’ from the drop-down list and then click upon the ‘OK’ button.discord screen share no audio
  3. Your computer shall automatically restart

Open up the Discord application and check if the sound problem persists. If you are still experiencing Discord screen share audio problem, then move on to the next solution as listed below.

Manually updating to the recently released Discord application version

Discord developers do release updates from time to time to fix any kind of audio and video streaming bugs for all their users. Initiating the application update can swiftly fix up with the Discord video call, screen share and audio issues that you have been constantly facing in the first place.

  1. On your PC connected keyboard, press upon the ‘Windows logo’ button along with the letter ‘R’ to load up the Run dialog box. Discord video chat
  2. Within the Open window, type %localappdata% and then click upon the ‘OK’ button.free screen sharing
  3. A list of software applications that have been installed to your computer shall load up, from which you need to double-click the folder named ‘Discord’. Discord video chat
  4. Find for a file named ‘Update.exe’ and double-click using the connected mouse.Discord Screen Share Audio
  5. Follow the instructions provided on-screen to initiate the Discord software update process
  6. You need to connect the computer to an active Wi-Fi internet connection to download and update the Discord application

Once the update process has completed, you need to re-launch the Discord app and check if any kind of discord screen share audio error shows up. If no audio error pops up, then updating the Discord software has permanently fixed the issues. If you are still getting random sound issues, then try out the next solution.

Clearing the roaming data

If you are not able to hear audio after initiating Discord video chat with your friends, co-workers or family members, then deleting the temporary files from Windows memory shall help resolve this issue. To clear up the roaming data the installed Discord application holds onto, follow the upcoming steps as it is.

  1. If at all Discord application is opened, close it by clicking upon the ‘Exit’ option from the ‘File’ menu
  2. From your keyboard, press upon the Windows button and then within the search box, type ‘%appdata%’ and then wait until the ‘Start’ menu automatically searches and provides the list.discord screen share no audio
  3. Visit the folder that has been named as ‘%appdata%’
  4. Find out Discord application from the loaded folder menu
  5. Right-click upon the ‘Discord’ folder and from the configuration list, select the ‘Delete’ option. Discord video chat

Now re-open Discord application and test if the audio problems still exist or not.

Resetting the sound and voice settings within Discord app

One possible way to experience ‘Discord screen share audio’ issues might be due to the improper sound and voice settings. You need to manually reset the voice settings to the default settings to fix it. 

  1. Run the ‘Discord’ application and then click upon the ‘Settings’ icon.Discord Screen Share Audio
  2. Under Voice & Video category, you need to locate and click upon ‘Reset Voice Settings’.discord screen share no audio discord screen share no audio
  3. A prompting window shall open up asking for your permission
  4. Click upon the ‘Okay’ button.Discord Screen Share Audio

Restart the Discord app and check if the audio problem has been bypassed or not.

Adding and verifying the program before starting with the free screen sharing option

If you do wonder about how to screen share on Discord without facing any kind of audio-related issues, then you need to properly verify the particular program that you are in a need to screen share using Discord. 

  1. Open up Discord application and the other program that you are looking forward to screen-sharing with the online Discord user
  2. Find and click upon the ‘Settings’ icon.discord screen share no audio
  3. Navigate to the ‘Game Activity’ tab and wait for few seconds until Discord automatically recognizes the gaming program that you have opened in the background as well.discord screen share no audio
  4. If at all Discord is not able to automatically detect the game then click upon the ‘Add it’ button
  5. A list of programs that you can Discord screen share audio shall get listed up
  6. If the program that you desire to screen share is not listed, click upon the ‘Select’ button to load a drop-down list.discord screen share no audio
  7. Now navigate and click upon the blue colored ‘Add Game’ button.discord screen share no audio
  8. The toggle that can be located near to the Overlay button must be turned on.Discord Screen Share Audio

These steps can wisely enable the screen share option and let the Discord detect and broadcast the exact program that you are looking forward to sharing with other Discord application users.

Uninstalling Discord and reinstalling it

 If none of the above-mentioned solutions has fixed the audio problem after initiating Discord video chat then you must try reinstalling the app. The installed Discord application might have damaged or corrupted files present in them. To get rid of them, you need to reinstall Discord by following the upcoming steps one after another.

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ key from the keyboard, or the ‘Start’ menu from the toolbar
  2. From the loaded program list, select ‘Control Panel’.discord screen share no audio discord screen share no audio
  3. Now, change the ‘View by’ list into Category and then select upon ‘Uninstall a program’ under ‘Programs’ menu.Discord Screen Share Audio
  4. Locate Discord from the loaded program list and then make a right-click on it
  5. Click upon the ‘Uninstall’ button. Discord video chat
  6. Follow the instruction as mentioned on-screen to safely uninstall Discord application from your computer system
  7. After the uninstall process is completed, restart the computer and then reinstall Discord.

Check if the ‘Discord screen share audio errors still pops-up. If at all the audio is clear and no kind of audio warning sign shows up, then reinstalling Discord application has solved the on-going sound issues.

Providing administrative access

Discord does need to access certain system resource files to provide a lag free screen sharing option all through the day. Running Discord application in normal mode shall let you initiate Discord video chat but end up facing multiple sound issues. You need to grant administrative access to let the application screen share at ease. 

  1. From your keyboard, press the Windows key along with the letter ‘E’ to open up the ‘File Explorer’ window.Discord Screen Share Audio
  2. Navigate to the directory, in which the Discord program has been installed to
  3. In default, the Discord application gets installed to Program Files folder present in the Local Disk Drive C.discord screen share no audio
  4. After finding the Discord folder, you need to right-click upon the executable file
  5. Choose ‘Properties’ option from the loaded configuration list.discord screen share no audio
  6. Move towards the ‘Compatibility’ tab and then select ‘Run this particular program as an administrator’.Discord Screen Share Audio
  7. After making this selection, click upon the ‘Apply’ button to effectively save this particular change

Get back to the Discord application, and start video calling or screen sharing with your friends to check if the ‘Discord screen share no audio warning signs are bypassed or not. 

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