While browsing the internet using Google’s Chrome browser, you might have randomly met up with ‘confirm form resubmission’ type of errors, either while logging in to a website or while completing an online transaction. Such errors shall push you to reload the particular tab and enter down the credentials once again for no reason at all. These errors are a type of bugs that happens when you tend to the previously loaded web page in a Chrome window. Keep reading to understand what triggers up such resubmission errors and the possible ways to bypass them in the future as well.

Reasons behind witnessing

Form resubmission errors in a browser window:

The confirm form resubmission type of pop-up shows up whenever the existing window gets refreshed or after clicking the back or forward button to go through previously loaded web pages. Even after millions of people constantly reporting about such form resubmission errors, this particular error, Google Chrome is yet to officially fix it up.

The real day reason behind experiencing ‘err_cache_miss’ is due to the browser modules that are not able to sustain with the backward and forward movement in a loaded web page. Following is a set of reasons that can be the root cause of initiating such errors in the first place.

  • Your computer or laptop must have been receiving poor Wi-Fi internet connectivity signals or the internet connection itself is slow
  • The web page must have been timed out as it had an online form for submission purposes
  • You might have clicked upon the ‘Backspace’ button while trying to enter details into the provided form columns
  • If you have mistakenly clicked on the ‘F5’ button from the computer-connected keyboard, the form resubmission errors shall showcase up

This particular error is recognized as a feature by developers as it certainly prevents the possibility of creating two accounts in one slab. If at all ‘confirm form resubmission’ had not been developed, then for sure, you might end up creating two different accounts using the same credentials. If this feature doesn’t excite you much, you can completely fix it by following the upcoming steps one after another.

Possible ways to bypass form resubmission errors

Re-configuring Google Chrome Properties

If you have been experiencing ‘err_cache_miss’ error that pushes you to press the reload button to resubmit the data in Google’s Chrome web browser, then follow the upcoming steps to get rid of it easily.

  1. From the desktop, make a right-click upon the Google Chrome shortcut icon
  2. A configuration list shall load up, from which you need to navigate and select the ‘Properties’ option.form resubmission
  3. From the newly loaded dialogue box, select the ‘Shortcut’ tab and then leave the cursor on the ‘Target’ box.form resubmission errors
  4. Now, manually enter ‘disable prompt on repost’ at the end part of the target drive link

If at all the target is mentioned as,Errors

Then change it to,form resubmission

After completing these steps, click upon the ‘OK’ button to verify and confirm the changes made so far. Open up Google Chrome and visit a website that requires you to submit a form, either in the form of signing in to your account or by completing an online transaction.

If no kind of confirm form resubmission errors show-up, then you have successfully disabled this particular feature. You can also manually check by clicking upon the ‘Reload’ button from the browser or the ‘Refresh’ button (F5) from your keyboard to check if the particular web page requires data that you entered earlier.

Disabling the motion button on the browser:

If you have been randomly clicking on the backward or forward button in the web browser while entering your credit card credentials to complete an online transaction, then you need to disable such motion buttons to avoid witnessing any type of form resubmission errors. As Google doesn’t provide a default option to disable the motion buttons, you need to make use of a JavaScript to safely execute it. 

Take note of the below-mentioned JavaScript code and place it within the ‘Head’ part of the loaded web page HTML script to prevent from going back or forward, even after clicking upon the respective buttons from the browser window.confirm form resubmission

The above-mentioned code works perfectly across any web browser, namely Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Clear up your web browsing data to avoid facing form resubmission errors

Make it a habit to clear up the browsing data from the web browser that you have been making use of to access the internet. The reason to do so is that the web browser can remember every other information that gets entered into the forms. There are high possibilities to duplicate the entered data. By timely clearing up the browsing data that includes collected cookies, web browsing history, password credential, and cached data; no type of data duplication can be done and you can get rid of ‘confirm form resubmission errors as well.

  1. Open up Google Chrome and click upon the three dots that can be found on the top-right corner part of the window
  2. A list shall get displayed, from which you need to navigate to ‘More Tools’ .form resubmission errors
  3. Select ‘Clear Browsing Data’ option.Errors
  4. Alternatively, you can initiate this action by pressing together the Ctrl, Shift and Del button from the keyboard 
  5. Make sure to rightly select every other browsing data from the provided list and then click upon the ‘Clear Data’ button

After completing these actions, visit a web page that requires you to pass through an online form submission process. After entering details as prescribed in the forms, press the reload button to resubmit the data. If at all a warning shows up that reloading the web page shall lose all the entered data, and has a ‘cancel’ button to get rid of this action, then you have disabled the ‘confirm form resubmission’ feature.

Disabling corrupted browser extensions to resolve err_cache_miss error

A browser extension that you have recently installed and enabled in your Chrome or Firefox browser might have been bringing up the form resubmission errors. The only way to solve this particular problem is to disable or remove the extensions that are known to be initiating the need to resubmit the entered details over and over. 

  1. If you are using a Chrome web browser, then click upon the three dots that can be located nearby to the address bar
  2. From the loaded configuration list, place the mouse cursor on ‘More Tools’.form resubmission
  3. Click upon ‘Extension’ from the sub-menu.confirm form resubmission
  4. This action shall take you to the ‘Chrome Extension’ page
  5. Find the browser extensions that have been randomly initiating ‘err_cache_miss’ feature in the browser window and then disable by clicking over the blue colored slide button.Errors
  6. You can also remove the extension from the browser by selecting the ‘Remove’ button

Get back to browsing the web page that requires you to submit a form. Try reloading the page. You must be prompted with a warning sign representing the refresh action that you have initiated and a cancel button to get rid of the action as well. 

Rightly configuring the Header portion of a web page

The header part of a loaded web page can be re-configured to avoid facing form resubmission type of pop-up. The following is an example of a web page’s header looks like.form resubmission

  1. Delete the ‘no-store’ action from the header
  2. Save the changes made
  3. Click upon the Refresh button from the keyboard or Reload button from the Chrome browser

Re-enter every other required detail into the provided form spaces and again refresh the page to check if at all the ‘confirm form resubmission’ bug has got fixed or not.

Resetting the browser settings

You can get rid of the ‘confirm form resubmission issue by resetting the browser settings. To do so,

  1. Click on the three dots that can be found on the top part of the Chrome window
  2. Select ‘Settings’ from the loaded configuration menu.Errors
  3. A new window shall open up hosting every other possible Chrome browser settings that you can customize as per your need
  4. Scroll down, and then click upon the ‘Advanced’ button.form resubmission
  5. Now, keep scrolling until you find the ‘Reset and Clean Up’ section.form resubmission errors
  6. Click on ‘Restore settings to its original defaults’ option
  7. A pop-up shall load asking you to provide valid permissions.confirm form resubmission
  8. Click upon the ‘Reset settings’ button to reset the browser settings and to disable all the installed extensions in one click.

After completing the reset action, open a new browser window, type in the web page address that holds onto a form submission process either to log in to your account or to complete an online transaction. Enter valid details in the respective field and then click on the ‘Reload’ button. If a warning sign shows up what refreshing the ‘form resubmission’ page can do, then you have cleared the bug or feature that has been annoying you the most.

Changing the AJAX button code

Asynchronous JavaScript XML, commonly called AJAX includes the developing techniques that are much needed to build a website from scratch. Make use of the AJAX functions to permanently get rid of form resubmission bug. Change the web page code like the following the image:form resubmission

The main functionality of AJAX is to process the data that are entered within a form, as per the PHP file that has been entered and saved along with the existing web page codes. By changing the AJAX action as per the above-mentioned image, you no longer have to face ‘confirm form resubmission’ issue after accidentally pressing the Reload or Refresh button.

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