Computer Keeps Restarting windows 7

The Computer Keeps Restarting error is a very common issue encountered by many Windows users. If your computer restarts or reboots automatically without a reboot loop, You can check out some suggestions here that will help you identify and fix the issue.

When your computer restarts without a warning, there can be several reasons behind the issue. The reason can be any, may be due to a failure of a hardware component, over-heating, Windows Update or a Stop Error, whatever it is, you will see a blue-screen with the error message. However, if you perform the right steps, it won’t take you more than five minutes to fix the issue.

As here is the ultimate guide regarding Computer Keeps Restarting Windows error.

Computer Keeps Restarting

Few methods can save your PC and your time as well. You just need to keep calm and perform the steps effectively. You don’t have to apply all the steps, just work your way around to get the possible solution.

How to Fix Computer Keeps Restarting Error

Several causes are there to trigger your system restarting continuously. You can discard the origin point only after identifying the exact one. And to do so you must know all the causes so that you can find the similarities with your system’s issue. However, take a look at these useful troubleshooting steps for best results.

Disable The Automatically Restart Feature

First thing is you need to check the status of Automatically Restart Feature. If it is enabled then disable it as soon as possible. To do that follow the instructions below.

  • Firstly, boot your computer into Safe Mode
  • After entering into the Safe Mode, press the Windows logo key and “R” button at the same time on your keyboard

Windows error

  • Then type sysdm.cpl and hit OK
  • Now, click on the Advanced tab, and click Settings in the Startup and Recovery section
  • Then uncheck the Automatically restart feature

restart Windows

  • Finally, click OK to save the changes

However, this one is the method to fix the computer keeps restarting error for a short time span. Now, if you want a long-term solution then you must look for the other tricks.

Computer Keeps Restarting

Check the Hardware Issue

Faults in hardware can irk the improper restarting of your computer. Hence, you must check and make sure that your hardware works correctly. Thinking what you should check? Here is the guidance,

Check your RAM

Cause: The Random Access Memory (RAM) can be one of the sources of restarting your PC.

Do: You should take a look at your RAM itself, or the slot of your RAM is inserted in. You can remove the RAM from the slot and clean them carefully, then insert it back to check again.

Check your CPU

Cause: The overheating processor issue can also cause the restarting, so you should check your CPU and make sure that it works properly.

Do: Unpack your CPU from the dust, clean the processor’s fan and surrounded areas. Then put it back to see if it’s running.

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Check the external devices

Cause: When your computer is connected to some external devices, unplug them all, and see if the issue is resolved.

Do: If yes, plug an external device one at a time, until you can identify the problem.

Update all the drivers

Cause: The missing or outdated drivers can cause computer restarting because the devices can’t communicate with your system properly. So you should check all your drivers. verify that they work correctly, and update those that don’t.

Do: Manually update your drivers – You can go to the manufacturer’s website of your drivers, then search and install the correct driver for your computer. This requires a good amount of time and computer skills.

Automatically update your drivers – If you are not familiar with playing around with drivers, you can do it automatically with any software

Run a Virus Scan

Cause: The malware or virus infection is likely to cause your computer keeps restarting, so you should run the full virus scan in your computer to make the system work properly.

Do: Run a complete check with your anti-virus program. After scanning, follow the on-screen instructions to fix any problem detected by your anti-virus program, then restart your computer to see if the problem is solved.

We shared these steps with the best interest of resolving your Windows error. You can connect with us for instant support. We will help you with computer keeps restarting on windows 10, the computer keeps restarting on windows 7, and for other windows versions as well. Don’t forget to share your opinion below. Check our different guidance for other issues.

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