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CompatTelRunner 100% Disk Usage (Resolved)

If you are facing issues with the computer CPU or high disk space, then you might have to keenly watch for the programs and the apps that are running in the background. You have to check the programs that are actually taking up space within your computer system.

You might come across a program known as CompatTelRunner.exe also known as CompatTelRunner error Windows. This is one of the most commonly found errors in the Windows operating system. It actually takes up a lot of space in the disk or the CPU space.


What is CompatTelRunner and how does it cause High Disk Usage?

Hold on, CompatTelRunner is not a malware, as many of us may think it is a malware activity or a program. This program generally allows the Windows to consistently download, install and check for various updates. This process performed by the program takes up a lot of space and other system resources that certainly makes both PC and the network connection quite slow and buggy.

CompatTelRunner is a genuine software from Microsoft. It is also known as a Microsoft tool that helps in scanning the disk and other corners of the computer system. It checks for updates, diagnosing the computer system and performs a compatibility verification as well. The program or the tool helps your computer and the operating system for the regular updates. Of course, it doesn’t steal any of your data or system information. It just a tool that scans the disk for malware or other similar activities. You can merely deactivate the CompatTelRunner tool if you don’t want it on your system.

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How to Disable CompatTelRunner.exe to Resolve High Disk Usage Error?

If you want to disable CompatTelRunner program from your computer system then you can simply follow the steps mentioned below .

Method 1- Deactivate the CompatTelRunner Service from Task Scheduler

Just type Taskschd.msc in the run bar and then press enter. You can simply disable or deactivate the program from the task scheduler. Once you have entered the Task Scheduler service, you will see a panel on the right side. You can simply expand the task scheduler library>Microsoft than Windows, then Application experience. Now you have to find the program and that is how you can disable it.

Method 2- Disable the Service By Logged in as Administrator

To perform this method you need to check whether you have logged in as an administrator. You have to start the run option and then type C:\Windows\System32 and press enter. In the folder, you will find CompatTelRunner.exe and then right click to choose the properties option. Once you have entered the properties you have to click the security option and advanced option. After that, you have to enter the owner tab and then choose the edit option and apply the settings.

Method 3- Remove KB2952664 to Resolve CompatTelRunner 100% CPU Usage

Here is one more way how you can disable CompatTelRunner.exe. You can remove the KB2952664 in the windows update. You have to follow some commands and enter it into the cmd running it as an administrator.

compattelrunner high CPU Usage

Check if the High CPU Error Has Gone

Disabling CompatTelRunner is very easy and simple. It certainly takes up too much space of your disk or CPU. Yet, you can follow the above methods to deactivate the tool permanently.

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