Coin Master Free Spin

Do you want to collect more coins and spins on Coin master without spending a penny? Then this is the best page for you to get Coin Master free spins with less hassle.

We have brought some ultimate tips and tricks to collect the free spins from the official social profiles of Coin Master including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We will also share some verified and tested links at the end of the article. So stay with us and become a pro coin collector.

However, if you are new to this game, have little knowledge, or want to give it a try for the first time, do not feel isolated. We will introduce the game to you first and then gradually move forward to the steps to collect the coins and spins for the Coin Master.

‘Coin Master’ – A Brief Description

Coin Master Free Spin

Coin Master is a game developed by Moon Active. The game basically includes collecting coins and spending spins. It is founded under the Adventure category but used as gambling mechanics. The players need to build their villages and also capture the village of other players. The number of spins to win coins is limited for seven hours, and to get extra attempts and items the players can buy in chests. There are many websites through which you can get the Coin Master free spins and coin link.

Now we will try to discuss all the essential terms that are used above to get an overview of the game. We will soon discuss the ways to collect the Coin Master Free spins, after the short briefing.

Spin | Coin Master Free Spins:

Coin Master Free Spin

Spin is necessary to play in Coin Master. The spins help the players to roll the slot machine. You need to collect the spins using various methods ( that we will discuss later in this article). If you got the symbols of spins in a slot machine, then the Coin Master will reward the user with 10x spins.

Coins | Coin Master Free Spins:

Coin Master Free Spin

The coins are required in building up the village buildings. You can get the coins by clicking on the coin icon.

Chests | Coin Master Free Spins:

Coin Master Free Spin

In Coin Master, there are different types of Chests. Each chest has various cards. The user needs to complete a set of the card to get pet food, spin, and coin. The Moon Active has developed a bunk of chests and with an increasing level, a new set of cards gets unlocked.

Rules in Coin Master

Well, there is no hard and fast rule. But, some players like to set some rules within their group to avoid any clash. Old or pro players might already have a fair knowledge of the rules. Et we will be discussing them, in short, to make you aware of the noobs. The rules are quite simple:

Do not attack your friends. 

  1. The easy way to do this is whenever you win an attack.
  2. Tap on the revenge button.
  3. Choose some random players who are not on your friend list and attack them.

Warn your friends if you have a raid on them for a minimum of 5 million coins.

  1. Direct message on Facebook and then wait for a moment to let them spend their coins.
  2. Using this method helps your friend to spend their coins, and also allows you to dig the originally available coins.

Again these are not rules that must be followed. If you are not connecting with the friends then just unfriend and go for other friends.

Few Simple and Most Effective Ways to Get Free Spin Coin Master

The wait is over! We will know to share some most effective tips and tricks to help you get the coin master free daily spin. Therefore, read the following steps and methods very carefully to play like a pro in Coin Master.

Method 1: Send Invitation to the Facebook Friends

Coin Master Free Spin

It is the most simple and helpful way to get more coins and spins. Every time a player invites a friend on Facebook to play Coin Master, you can get over 40 spins for free.

  1. After sending the invitation to your friends, they need to accept the invitation.
  2. After that download the game.
  3. Open it on the PC, system, or device.
  4. After following the highest steps, log in to Facebook, so that they would be able to link their Facebook account with the game.

Hence if you have a large circle send all of them an invitation.

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Method 2: Gift Free Spin Coin Master

Gifting is another great way to collect free coins and spins.

  1. After downloading the coin master with the help of an invitation, join the game.
  2. You and your invited friends can give each other many free coins and spins every day.
  3. One can get up to 100 spins free.

Method 3: Send More than 5 Cards per day 

Coin Master Free Spin cards

After inviting your friends using Facebook, you can only send them 5 cards a day. However, now we are going to provide some essential tricks which would help you to get more than 5 cards. Follow the steps below:

Trick 1
  1. First of all, go to the time and date settings on the phone.
  2. Then change the date. Make sure you have changed the date by at least 24 hour ( 1 day).
  3. Then share 5 more cards than expected.
  4. You can repeat the method as much as you want.
Trick 2
  1. Another way to get more points is, remove the game from your account.
  2. And upload it again.
  3. After uploading you can get 5 more points.
  4. Repeat the steps as many times as you want.

Method 4: Use the Two-finger Trick for Getting the Last Treasure in Hole

While raiding, the user can easily get the treasures of the first two holes. But, the last hole is a little trickier than the others. Hence you need to do this with your fingers.

  1. After collecting the coins from the first two holes. Place your fingers on the above two remaining holes.
  2. Then try to tap both the holes at the same time, make sure to make quick movements.
  3. The treasure hole will open after a few strikes.

Method 5: Super Betting

super bet- Coin Master Free Spin

If you have a stock full of coins then the chances are the bet might get higher. The player can also get up to 100 spins at a time. But once you have reached your maximum bet, you can only get 3 spins. However, as long you are under the 60 spins you can get to spin at the maxim bet.

Method 6: Keeping Your Pet Active is another Great Trick

pets- Coin Master Free Spin

Feeding your pet well gives you the power of extra four hours. Hence feed your pet to enjoy every bit of the game.

  1. All players get a free pet for 15 minutes a day.
  2. So when you have only a few minutes left, feed your pet to play more.
  3. Also, use the trick to make your play longer.

Method 7: Become a VIP Player

VIP Player- Coin Master Free Spin

There is no other way. After becoming a VIP player you can get many extra coins and pins. To become a VIP player, one must be getting invited by Coin Master and the player has to spend some real money on it.

Method 8: Get Chests in Every Village

To get more coins and spins you should buy chests in every village. Every village has different and rare gold cards. And to get gold cards might become hard in the further levels. Some villages are some as Boom villages, which have more rare and gold cards.

Method 9: Trade Cards

trade card- Coin Master Free Spin

Another way to get spins is by joining different Facebook groups. There are numerous groups on Facebook from where you can get cards to trade. Therefore, you can get new friends and cards daily.

Method 10: Having Multiple Facebook Accounts

Some players also have two Facebook accounts to collect more Coin master free spins. The second accounts are called ‘Baby accounts.’ Players use the baby accounts to collect extra gold or rare cards. All players must have an extra account to play Coin Master. Some also use app cloner to easily switch between Facebook and Coin Master on the same system or device. In case, you do not want to remove the software then change the Facebook account and then again re-install the Coin Master.

Method 11: Complete Attack Master Event

Events like Attack Master are one of the best ways to get massive 50,000 free spins. Therefore, the other coin master also helps the players to collect free spins and rewards without paying any extra penny.

Method 12: Viking Quest Coin Master

viking quest- Coin Master Free Spin

This event is different from other Coin Master events. The player needs coins to end the Viking quest. You can win up to 5000 free spin coin masters, but first, you have to complete 10 different stages. The 5000 spins in Viking Quest include pet food, XP, and golden cards.

List of Rare Cards:

There are more than 30 rare cards, we have only named the top 15 of them.

1 Flamingo

2 Holy Monk

3 Santa

4 Excalibur

5 Mighty Wizard

6 Silverback

7 Barrel Tank

8 Genie

9 Fire Ring

10 Kings foil

11 Fondue

12 Aztec Princess

13 Mythical Tune

14 Portly Pete

15 Painters Palette

Final Words!

Along with the twelfth method we have come to the end of the article. Hopefully, the tips and tricks are helpful to you. If you liked it, recommend the blog to your friends and help them to improve their game.

Comment which one helped you the best and also share other tricks that are not mentioned in the list. In case, any of the above tips are not working anymore, let us know. For more such informative articles check out our website. 

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