Permanently fix Avast service high CPU usage errors

Avast Service High CPU Antivirus tools that are solely created to get rid of malware and virus attacks from happening to your PC or laptop do take plenty of CPU memory to actively take forward numerous operations. Avast Antivirus program has been topping the list of most-downloaded and used antivirus software application for Windows PC … Read more

Akamai Netsession: Should I Remove This Virus?

akamai netsession

You are probably facing issues connecting to your public or your private network. Of course, it does happen at times, whenever you are trying to connect to a public server or a private server and you are facing the Akamai Netsession client error. Or it’s perhaps asking you to grant access to the Akamai Netsession … Read more

How to Disable Bixby- Follow Easy Methods

How to Disable Bixby

Bixby comes in the Samsung Galaxy operating system which provides an awesome experience to the users. Unfortunately, not everyone like Bixby, and if you are one of them, then the best thing for you is to learn How to Disable Bixby. I have come up with some easy steps that will allow you to disable … Read more

Vulkan Runtime Libraries- Review

vulkan runtime libraries

You are using the PC and the computer system and you are suddenly seeing the Vulkan Runtime Libraries, you need to understand that these are not at all a malware or the virus within your computer system. These are generally designed and made by AMD and NVIDIA- the topmost and the popular card manufacturers all … Read more

How to Disable Avast | Perform Easy Steps

How to Disable Avast

Sometimes when you install a new third-party app or a new antivirus program, you require to disable your current antivirus program. You can perform two methods to turn off your Avast antivirus. I have mentioned How to Disable Avast so, check it out below. First of all, Avast antivirus comes in 4 different versions- Free … Read more

Remove Avast SafePrice

Avast Online Security

Have you recently installed the extension called Avast SafePrice? And, suddenly found that your PC is showing a lot of tantrums and there is a big dilemma in the performance! Well, this extension can trigger your PC. It’s pretty hard to remove it once installed. Panicking? Don’t as we have said that it’s pretty hard … Read more

“Phone is Infected Remove Virus Now Message” Fixed

Android Virus Warning

If you think your Android phone is infected with a virus, then you should celebrate the news instead of regretting it! The good news is that this “Phone is Infected Remove Virus Now” Message is pretty easy to resolve! Before wasting any more time, let’s find out how we can resolve this error/ virus message on … Read more

FBI Warning Screen | Complete Removal of Error

fbi warning screen on phone

In recent time it’s pretty common for people to get the FBI Warning Screen on their device with a message of violating laws while watching illegal sites like pornography. In this situation you don’t have access to your phone or tablet, you can’t even switch it off. It becomes pretty hard to decide- what to … Read more