How to solve Overwatch server status problems? Quick fixes listed

Overwatch Server Status In recent times, many active gamers coming from different parts of the world have been reporting about overwatch server status errors that are said to be disrupting their gameplay in one way or another. Overwatch is a popular PC game that went viral after people started recognizing the customizable features it holds … Read more

Confirm Form Resubmission (err_cache_miss) Error [Fixed]

While browsing the internet using Google’s Chrome browser, you might have randomly met up with ‘confirm form resubmission’ type of errors, either while logging in to a website or while completing an online transaction. Such errors shall push you to reload the particular tab and enter down the credentials once again for no reason at … Read more

Quickly fix$annotatedconnectexception Error

Minecraft, a worldwide popular sandbox game that was developed from scratch by Manjong is an instant hit among then teenagers. This particular game got released for public access in the year 2011, and since then it turned out to be the most favorite within the entire gaming community. Today, it holds onto about 91 million … Read more

Google Voice Setup- Beginner’s Help

Google Voice Setup

When you own a Google Voice, we are sure you are going to save a lot of time. But the Google Voice Setup can be a little bit tricky for you. So it’s onto our experts to assist you in knowing more about the installation procedure. Well, this Google Voice offers you a new way … Read more

OK Google Not Working|Complete Fix

OK Google Not Working on your Android device? Well, this is an annoying issue user face on their Android smartphone. The internet has been abuzz for many hours with annoyed users on Twitter, Google Support Forums and some other social media platforms. And according to them, the voice command “OK Google” and “Hey Google” has stopped … Read more