Best Solution to MSVCP140.dll Error

MSVCP140.dll missing error

Have you bumped into the msvcp140.dll missing error while opening some software application on your computer? Well, this is not something unusual with the Windows Computer users. Often the Windows Operating system users can’t run a particular app or a game on their PC because of the missing DLL files. But if you are facing … Read more

Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation- Fixed

Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation

It is absolutely normal if you are experiencing high disk usage issue on your computer because of the Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation. But how to solve the issue? Well, I have given some quick steps in this guide that you can perform. Along with that, let’s get to know what does graph isolation do … Read more

How to Disable Windows Defender-Easy Solutions

How to Disable Windows Defender

Windows Defender is actually an anti-malware engine that comes along with your Windows 10 operating system. The Defender protects your data against viruses ransomware, spyware, and many other security threats just like a good antivirus program. Even though it disables itself automatically when third-party antivirus software is detected, some people search for How to Disable … Read more

How to Disable Superfetch-Windows 10 Solution

How to Disable Superfetch

It’s always a struggle to decide How to Disable Superfetch. But prior to that, you must know how this helps your system. Check out the easy solutions for turning off Superfetch in your Windows 10 computer and along with that, check out the benefits of Windows superfetch. Superfetch in Windows helps with a quick boot … Read more

How to Disable Pop Up Blocker |Step-By-Step!

How to Disable Pop Up Blocker

Pop up blockers block the unwanted ads, pop ups on websites. But sometimes the blockers can also interfere with your MLS announcements, linked documents, frame menu items, print dialog screens, web-links to other websites, IDX search screens, tutorial movies or calendars etc. So, when here are a few solutions available for How to Disable Pop … Read more