Switching to Google DNS Servers- Easy Steps

If your local internet service provider does not have the fastest DNS servers, you can switch into Google DNS Servers for a faster web browsing experience. But before going to discuss Google DNS, let’s know what DNS servers are. DNS servers work by matching the domain names that you type in your applications or web … Read more

Best Public DNS Servers 2019!

Public DNS servers

You might have certainly crossed paths with the term DNS servers, and if you are working on the network, then you might be already the importance of it. It’s common to have a default DNS server when you install a Wi-Fi or a new internet connection at your home or workplace. You might come across … Read more

DNS Servers | Everything You Need to Know

dns servers

You might have heard about the Domain Name servers if you are working on the internet. Domain name servers are also popularly known as DNS servers. Without DNS servers we cannot actually use the internet. Domain name servers are the building blocks of the internet that helps in accessing the internet. Without the internet service, … Read more

How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding?

Fix dns servers not responding error

What if you are not able to access the websites that you need for your task or an assignment? Seriously, this kind of critical life problems cannot be tolerated. You check the network, but it seems all good. You are trying the troubleshooting issues on your Windows operating system, but nothing works. You may encounter the … Read more

Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Chrome Error

dns probe finished no internet

Google Chrome has got various errors. These errors disturb the internet or are caused due to the internet or the DNS servers. This kind of internet errors or the Google Chrome browser errors does disturb the task and the work that we are performing with the help of the browser and the internet. One such … Read more