Canon B200 Error

This is really annoying when we face some error with our printer. Actually, it stops the whole workflow. Is your Canon Printer Showing you the tough time? Nothing to worry about this. Having an error during the course of use is pretty common among the printer users. Canon B200 error is just another that leaves the Canon Printer Users with frustration.

Here in this post, we are going to help with all the necessary troubleshooting steps to your Canon Printer Errors.

Canon B200 Error

Reasons For Canon B200 Error

    • Generally, the error message is shown due to a service error. Or the reason can be the hardware failure with either the printer or the print head.
  • There can be other reasons as well. An improper setup or an outdated device driver software also contributes to the Canon B200 Error.

How To Troubleshoot the Canon B200 Error?

Reset The Printer

The first step you must try to fix this error is resetting the printer. Find the Stop/Reset/Resume button on your printer. Press and hold down the key for 10 seconds. Simply doing it can solve the problem. But if you are still facing the problem go with the other steps.

Clean The Print Head And Look For Paper Jams

There might be some paper jam or some junk or derbies which causing you the error. Go with the steps below to clean your printer head.

    • Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable
    • Now, open cover of the printer and check for any orange tape or white polystyrene and untag it if necessary
    • Then, make sure there are no unnecessary objects such as paper clip and others are present inside the printer
  • Finally, close the cover and reconnect the printer. Then turn it on

Problem not solved yet? Then, an outdated device driver is the reason behind your Canon B200 Error.

Update the Canon Printer Driver Software

To update your Canon Printer Driver follow these simple steps below.

    • Then, At the top right corner locate the ‘Drivers & Downloads’ Button and Select it
    • Now, as you proceed to the new page there choose the product you need the driver for which. In this case, as it is printers Select printers
    • Then select the product series along with the model name to get exact Canon Printer Drivers
    • After that, you will get the list of driver software. Choose according to your PC version, from the list given
    • Download the Canon Printer Drivers you need for your Printer
    • Wait until the download gets completed
    • Locate the file from your computer hard drive
    • Open the file double clicking on it and Select the yes button
    • Choose the Language and then read the license and agreement
    • Finally, Click the install button the process will take some time to complete
  • After the completion of the installation process Restart your PC

In most of the cases updating the driver software is the ultimate solution to this Canon B200 Error. But on some occasions, users face this problem in spite of completing the whole update procedure successfully.

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If all the above solutions have failed to fix your Canon B200 error then it is due to the improper setup you are facing the problem. Try to install your Canon Printer properly to avoid all the issues you are facing. You must follow the steps mentioned below,

Fix Canon B200 Error

Install Canon Printer Driver Properly

    • At first plug in your USB cable into the proper port. Normally the USB ports are available at the front and back side of your CPU. If you are using a laptop then you can look for the USB Port on the side of your laptop.
    • Now, put the other end of the USB Cable into your printer.
    • Then Press the On Button on your Printer
    • Next, Go to your Computer and Press the Start Button. And type Printers & Scanner. This will search the printer and scanner section pf your computer.
    • Now, Click on the Printers & Scanners from the search results.
    • Select, Add a Printer or scanner. You can find it at the top of the window
    • Here you need to Click on your printer’s name. Doing so will open the installation window for you.
  • The steps left are very easy to go with. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions comes to you

Canon is one of the most unmistakable names in the industry for a long time. But it will be more convenient to say that like every other hardware devices this are not impervious to problems as well. All the above solution are tried and tested by the engineers in our team. Therefore in most of the occasions, those will work perfectly to fix your Canon B200 Error.

If you are facing some other issues on your Canon Printer you can ping us here through the comment box. We will definitely get back to you. Anyway, now it’s time to bid adieu!

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