Television is probably no longer needed to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. All you need is the best Best Free Movie Apps where you can watch anything-anytime-anywhere. Premium video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video have gained their popularity. Yet, they are not as interesting as free websites and Movie Apps.

Best Free Movie Apps

Not everyone can spend that much time into entertainment and all. That’s why I have jotted down some of the free streaming apps where you don’t have to spend a penny to watch movies and TV shows. These streaming apps are for both Android and iOS devices and you can enjoy free service.

Best Free Movie Apps- Legal and Free

1 Crackle

This is developed by Sony and comes with a huge free collection of TV shows and movies. You don’t have to sign up to watch movies, but if you do, you can keep track of your watched videos. The app is ad-free, but sometimes some contents may come with ads.

The app provides the best streaming experience where you can search for videos from various genres, available subtitles. Also comes with excellent sound and video quality. But you always need a good internet connection to experience all these. You can download this app on both your Android and iOS devices. We provide brilliant troubleshooting solution for any network related error and more. 

2 Popcornflix

This free streaming app has a very user-friendly interface where some genres are divided into a separate section. Just like Netflix, you can explore more and more every day. You need a decent internet connection to play good quality videos. But you might need a VPN program if this app does not work in your country. Just like Crackle, you don’t need to register for this either. You can download this application on both Android and iOS devices as per your convenience.

3 Snagfilms

Documentaries and classic genre lovers can give it a try. This is a free streaming app hots videos like Drama, Kids, Family, World History, Wildlife, Environment, etc. It is not for those who are searching for TV shows and the like, but you can watch free classic movies from this app.

The app comes with a dark theme and lets you download movies for offline streaming. You can also set the download quality of the videos as per the data balance you have. However, this app is missing the subtitles feature.

4 Hotstar

This app is very popular in India that offers you, play various contents for free. You can watch movies, TV shows, sports without having to sign up. All the features are available for free and you can watch videos based on any Indian language. Hotstar offers 720p, 360p, 120p streaming quality, available for any platforms.

Best Free Movie Apps

These are the Best Free Movie Apps I knew are available for free streaming. Do you have another good recommendation? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comment below.

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