Backgammon Setup Guide for Beginners

Backgammon is a well-known game. It is most exciting enough to beat the high level or highly intellectual person. Yeah, anyone can play this game. Backgammon has impended to a certain extent for luxurious activities for decades and centuries.

It is one of the oldest and highly played luxurious games by the people. It was founded around 5,000 years ago. Can you believe, the game was played with the dices that were made out of human bones?

Backgammon setup

The game had no certain or generic name until then. In 1645, every single detail about the game got printed. Later, as and when the years passed, the game started evolving and became more popular among all the people around the world.

Now, players can travel all around the world to take part in the tournaments conducted in several cities and countries. It also has an internet version for online players like us. Before we get deep into every detail Backgammon setup, let us get an idea about Backgammon.

Backgammon board

Backgammon Setup- Where to begin?

Backgammon is such a game that combines almost every different game that we play in our day to day routine. You can feel the game as the most popular LUDO as in the first player that gets the checkers, he is the winner. It can be played as chess- the highly played strategy game, wherein a troop of armies wins the battle with the just a strategy using zero weapons.

Backgammon is just similar to these games, you need to prepare strategies along with executing the plans and you need to be very first to finish off the board. This is a unique blend that makes the game Backgammon everyone’s favorite and is highly played all around the world.

Each and every one of us play games. Why do we play games? Either to win or for some entertainment. Whenever we are playing a game, we must know every strategy to win the game. If you don’t know the right way to win the game, then you may end up losing the game. Hence, in order to win the Backgammon game, you need to learn and look out for every way to win.

How to perform the Backgammon Setup?

Now, as you already have the checkers and boards, it’s time to backgammon setup and plays. You need to arrange each and every checker that you have to play. It would be around 15 checkers for the initial positions. It would be:

  • 6 The point with the 5 checkers
  • 3 checkers over the 8th point
  • The 13th point needs to have at least 5 checkers
  • Finally, there should be 2 checkers over the 24th point of your Backgammon setup

Backgammon setup guide

You need to set up every terms and condition before you start playing the backgammon game. It is very much important to know each and every inch of the game along with its rules. Now, you need to set up the Backgammon board.

    • You need to place the board with at least five discs of your color over the point that is much near to the bar and of course, within the board.
    • It is a two player thing, hence, both the players should do the same.

Backgammon Setup Guide

  • Later, you have to place the two discs of the color over the point a bit far from the bar and make sure that it is within the board only.
  • Same has to be done from your opponent’s side.
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Ready to Play Backgammon?

Playing such a game is very easy and fun. But you need to adhere to all rules and regulations as accordingly. It is one of the best game that you would have ever played. Try it!

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