Asus Router Setup

Wondering how to Setup Asus Wireless Router with your modem? It is not really daunting as it may seem initially. Maybe Asus routers are bit different in Console And Interface. But their setup process is just like other routers. You can follow the instructions we have given here to proceed with any Asus wireless router setup.

Asus Router Setup

If you think that your router is useful only for its internet connection, then the possibility is you are wrong. It can be helpful in many ways including Parental Control, Network, And Bandwidth Control And Security. So move on to the setup process carefully to avoid any mistake.

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Installing the Asus Wireless Router: Asus Router Setup

To configure and install your Asus router, you need to follow these steps:

  • Unbox the router if you have bought a new one
  • Or if you are using an old one, please reset your Asus router first
  • But it does not matter if it is an old or a new router, resetting it helps a lot in the Asus Router Setup process

Now you are ready to begin the configuration process. Let’s start-

  • Connect the router with your modem using an ethernet connection.
  • Now you will need another ethernet cable to connect your router with your computer.

Asus Router Setup

  • In case you do not have another ethernet, you can go to Computer and then click on the Wireless icon
  • Here you can see an unsecured network by Asus name. You can choose the option and connect with it
  • Now open an internet browser and then type the Default Gateway in the URL which is 192.168.1

Asus router

  • Next, hit the Enter button from your computer keyboard
  • Since you have previously reset your computer, it will not ask you to enter any username or password but just in case if you need the Default User Name And Password, then it is here– Username: Admin. Password: Admin

Asus router setup

  • Now your router will detect your internet connection and the network type you are using
  • Now you only require to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Asus Router Setup successfully
  • Plug in your Asus router to a wall outlet and then power it on

Few more tips!

  • You are advised to not to leave the Guest mode on. Please turn it off
  • If you do not know your connection type, please ask your internet service provider, what is your connection type. There are many types of connection available for example DHCP, PPPoE, Static Ip Connection, etc. Confirm yours
  • To get the best performance of your Asus router, please update the firmware to its latest version

asus router firmware update

  • Don’t forget to restart your Asus router and the modem after you are done with the setup process

Set up your Asus wireless router with the step by step process given here. Please let us know in the comment box below in case you need any help with installing the Asus Router.

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