AM2R- Another Metroid 2 Remake lets you play the role of Nintendo character, Samus Aran, in his tremendous fight against the alien Metroids. This video game has become extremely popular over the days. But if you like to play the game on your Android mobile and want to play it on your PC or Mac computer, you can use this guide for AM2R Download.

AM2R Download

AM2R Download-  Main Features 

Being the popular game developed by Nintendo, AM2R comes with all the same features that you loved on NES. Nonetheless, the developer has added some new features as well.

  1. Zero Mission style
  2. With the Map system, you can explore new places easily
  3. Minibosses are extra added fun
  4. New areas provide us with more motivation to keep on playing
  5. Get involved in challenging fights throughout the game
  6. Newly updated enemies make the game more exciting than the original one
  7. Stackable beam systems
  8. New enemies and Metroid sprites make the game marvelous together
  9. Newly added soundtracks and the amazing sound quality will make your time worth it!

The game features high-quality graphics that create an amazing gaming experience for PC users. Backgrounds, ships, enemies, bosses, and other game elements provide an awesome gaming experience for the new player and fans of Metroid. Apart from that, the scenes load very fast as well.

AM2R Download for Windows PC

Unfortunately, the game has been removed after Nintendo sent an official DMCA warning. This also means, there won’t be any newer version neither any more game updates. Surprisingly, you can still play this game. You only have to download the older version of the game from torrents and install it on your computer. Also, you can play the game on your Android and Mac devices.

Note: Downloading files from torrents may consider illegal in some countries. Make sure to use a VPN to hide your device’s IP address and location to hide them from the authorities.

AM2R Download for PC- Official Links

To download the game on your PC, you need to download it from torrent. This is the only official link for the latest version of this game:

You can also download the game from the unofficial link from torrent:

To download the torrent file, you need to install a torrent client on your computer first. Then you can go to Add Torrent > Add from URL and enjoy the game on your PC.

AM2R Download

Check these link and enjoy the game in multi-player mode or single-player mode, whatever you like!. Also, try to comment below if you know the AM2R Download process in the Android platform. If you are looking for a DIY solution for Bencho2 Error and more, check out our latest posts to know better. 

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