Your home and office become more interesting when you have this latest voice assistance. Amazon Alexa has a special feature that can perform any task just listening to your voice command. You already know what is Alexa capable of, though this speaker is smart enough to help you with anything, it is not perfect. Users admit that they come across Alexa Not Working issue sometimes despite all its cool features.

We will discuss the solutions of the Alexa not understanding to voice commands issue. However, before we get into the suggestions, let have a little bit of idea and know every single detail about Amazon Alexa.

What is Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is the virtual assistant that you can use to help you through several tasks. It’s been a few years since the amazing voice assistance was invented. Alexa is getting intelligent and smarter day by day. With the help of this device you can actually control and manage music, sports queries, play songs and a lot more. As and when Alexa became old, Amazon added more and more skills to it making it the best virtual personal assistant and the most powerful artificial intelligence device all around the globe.

Alexa not working

There are reviews by Amazon that Alexa is run and operated by the majority of the people, but some of them are still not aware of the product or its services. The device will merely help you to create your to-do and day to day lists, listen to music, and it responds to every order and command that will help to get your job done in minimal duration.

Nonetheless, the device might face some kind of errors, and one of them is Alexa not working.

Alexa not working issue: fixed

If you say the wake word but still the device is unlikely to respond, then it is one of the very common issues. We will begin with the troubleshooting, but let’s make sure your device’s power and internet connection are proper.

If you see a solid red light ring instead of the blue one, you can be assured that the microphone is turned off. You can simply press the microphone button from the top of the device’s head and turn it on. Let’s perform the below solutions to get your Alexa back in the job like before.

  1. Wi-Fi connection is improper

If you find that your Alexa device isn’t connecting to your wifi network at all, you can troubleshoot this issue in Alexa’s settings. Check the light on the device’s screen; if you see the orange light, your wifi connection is improper.

  • Visit Settings and select Wi-Fi and then simply enter the network password
  • Turn off the modem and router for 30 seconds before restarting it again
  • Restart your router next and turn off the Alexa device before turning it back again
  • Check for updates regarding your router or your modem firmware.

Alexa Not Working

  1. Reboot

Try rebooting or restarting the Alexa device. Machines function similarly. Rebooting is the first and the foremost common solution to any kind of system error including our smartphones. You need to check whether the device is in a proper position and nearby to the range. If possible, place the device nearby to your WI-FI router. This would help to gain more network and it will start responding if the network is the issue.


  1. Reset Amazon Echo

For those situations when everything fails, you can reset your Amazon Echo device to the original settings. But for that, you, of course, have to register the device to your Amazon account and enter the device settings again to use it.

  • From the base of the device, you will find the reset button which you have to press and hold with an appropriate object
  • Wait for the orange light turns blue. The light ring will turn off and turn back on again.  After when the light turns orange again, the device will enter into the setup mode.
  • Finally, connect your Echo device to your wifi network and register the device with your Alexa app and Amazon account.

Reset Amazon Echo

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  1. Fix the firewall or streaming service

This will again help you to make Alexa work like the same. You need to try upgrading the bandwidth if the internet speed is below 0.5Mbps. Check the firewall settings too along with the connection. You can try this method if none of the above methods work.

  • Turn off other devices connected to the same network
  • Move your Echo or Alexa device close to the router and away from metal objects and walls then turn off the modem and router
  • Next, wait for 30 seconds and restart the modem plus router
  • Turn off and on the Alexa device

Alexa error fix

No more Alexa Error

Now, you don’t have to worry about the Alexa not working error. You don’t need to try all the methods above if one of them works out. So, perform them and fix the Alexa not responding error also, tell us in the comment box below if you need any help.

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