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Alexa Not Working

Voice is the future of our planet. Cortana, Siri, and Alexa are just the beginning of it. These gadgets and devices have special programs that help and guide us in each and every task. Alexa is the most popular one which is used by the majority of the people all around the planet. Alexa is already making us live in the future. Yet, it is a machine and it might encounter some kind of error which also includes Alexa not working and server down.

Before we get into the suggestions let us get into the idea and know every single detail about Alexa.

What is Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is the virtual assistant can be used for personal purposes and/or business purposes. It has been around for almost three to four years today. Alexa is getting intelligent and smarter day by day. It offers users the guide and the ability to figure out; to dictate the commands and orders to the assistant that would actually control and manage music, sports queries and a lot more. As and when Alexa became old, Amazon added more and more skills to it making it the best virtual personal assistant and the most powerful artificial intelligence device all around the globe.

Alexa not working

Yet, there are reviews by Amazon that Alexa is run and operated by the majority of the people, but some of them are still not aware of the product or its services. The device will merely help you to create your to-do and day to day lists, listen to music, and it responds to every order and a command that will help to get your job done in minimal duration. There are some devices which will support Amazon Alexa to work on including the third party devices other than Amazon products.

Nonetheless, the device might face some kind of error, and one of them is Alexa not working.

Alexa, not working issues fix

If you are facing Alexa not working error, then you can simply try the methods to resolve the issues and can enjoy Alexa once again like before.

  1. Wi-Fi’s connection in improper

Alexa’s connectivity status is actually directed by the LED power below the rear device. You need to check whether the connection status as in white indicates the connection is good and orange means no connection. If you are encountering this sort of connection issue then you need to reboot your WI-FI router and turn off your device. Try switching on the device after some time. If this doesn’t repair anything, then that means the network is good, but some of the other devices are actually interfering the connection.

  1. Reboot

Try rebooting or restarting the Alexa device. Just like we do it for laptops and personal computers. Machines actually function in a similar way. Rebooting is the first and the foremost common solution to any kind of system error including our smartphones. You need to check whether the device is in a proper position and nearby to the range. If possible, place the device nearby to your WI-FI router. This would help to gain more network and it will start responding if the network is the issue.

  1. Voice Training

If you are facing a voice issue with your Alexa, then you might want to try this solution to get your Alexa back. You ought to check whether your voice is connected to the device. You need to start with the use of voice training tool that will accustom your voice with the device. You will find the tool in the Alexa app and you would need to learn that specified accent.

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  1. Fix the firewall or streaming service

This will again help you to make Alexa work like the same. You need to try upgrading the bandwidth if the internet speed is below 0.5Mbps. Check the firewall settings too along with the connection. You can try this method if none of the above methods doesn’t work.

Alexa error fix

No more Alexa error

Now, you don’t have to worry about the Alexa not working error. You ought to try the above mentioned methods and you can easily get back Alexa.

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