Printers have been the best and one of the right companion when it comes to technology. Previously, there were pen and papers that merely helped to take note and with their other work routines. Even the school going kids used to struggle for their homework and assignments. But now the time has completely changed. There are various technologies that have taken place in the market. One of them is a printer with various setups and types and of course brands as well. 123. hp.com/setup can help you with the HP printers and information about it.

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HP is one such brand that keeps innovating with their products and services. HP printers are one such innovation that has changed the human lives and routines forever. The printers are offered in various price ranges and in different types and categories as well. However, if you are looking for some guidance on hp printer setup is very easy and simple too. You can simply start up on these details for your convenien1ce. 123. hp.com/setup can guide you as which one would be the best available printer to choose from.

How to setup HP printer?

HP printers are the easiest devices that can be set up quite easily and without any much technical knowledge. Of course, not just HP printers, any printers in the market doesn’t require any kind of technical knowledge or theories that need to be known or be aware of. You would be already having the printer device, the printer drivers, the setup manual and the cables in case of connecting a wired or USB printer. Yet, if you still need guidance then here is the right guide that will help you with. For more tips on Troubleshooting solutions, read our other posts on Quickbooks error help and more.

Setup HP printer and E-Print

Okay, first of all, E-print is nothing but a printing app or software that is significantly made for the HP printer users. The app features with various kinds of printing such as direct printing, mobile, and web printing, also wireless printing. You can simply switch on the computer and printer. Some HP wireless printers generally connect automatically through the WIFI connection placed within. It won’t even need a computer to connect.  You can simply refer the manual for further procedures and the hp printer setup or the 123. Hp.com/setup.

HP Printer setup wired connection

Ethernet HP printer setup or the 123.hp.com/setup has to be ensured to have all the connection USBs and the cables in order to connect both computer and the printer. Make sure that your printer is connected with the computer and the computer has to be linked with the router indeed. With this, you would ultimately be prepared for the printer driver installation and for network connections both. Make sure that you don’t choose a TV cable wire, your Ethernet cable wire has to have 8 wires in it. TV wires have 6 or 4 wires only. Once done, just connect the printer with the computer. After you have switched on the printers and the computers, make sure to connect the Ethernet cable to the port of the router that seems available at the time.

Once done you can simply install the printer drivers within your computer system. If you have lost your printer driver CD (that you may get along when you buy a printer) you can directly enter the printer manufacturer’s website and search for your printer model. Once you have found your printer models, make sure to download them to your system. Now you can simply install the drivers and get started with the printer.

hp printer setup

HP printer setup is now very simple!

Now, using these above mentioned methods you can simply set up your HP printers regardless of its type or the category. But make sure that you are following the methods pretty perfectly. You can set up both wireless and Ethernet printers with the help of the methods. Have a happy printing!

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